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Repãrator wishes to engage with mining and resource companies to support them with their sustainability goals, enhance international competitiveness and address

  • -environmental,
  • -economic, and
  • -social goals

through the provision of

  • -innovative,
  • -patented,
  • -end to end regulated waste and waste water treatment processes utilising
    new, commercially proven, technology and process flows,
  • -natural science, and expertise in,
  • -revised inline processing of these wastes eliminating the necessity for long term storage dams,
  • -high pressure vaporisation or flood release, and
  • -implementation of the tailored systems.

"Our key strengths" Facilitate a pathway for industry to co-exist with the environment and community to sustain liveability


Make Commercial decision that ensure enhanced shareholder value through a combination of generating equity growth and returning dividend expectations.


Transform regulated waste into valuable natural resources.
Waste including; contaminated waters from CSG Exploration, Coal Mining, Oil & Gas Extraction, CSG Methane such as Blackjack, heavy metals, organic contamination & silts and sands.
Return clean air and clean water back to industry and generate green energy


Using Repârator processes, technology and know-how to address and minimise social concerns such as; Community Health, land degradation, community livelihood from township including agriculture and regional communities et al.

Provide community benefit for expansion of irrigation lands, recovery of valuable resources and provision of energy for new regional industries.