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- Current regulated waste issues are solved effectively, efficiently and commercially.

- Sustainability compliance is enhanced,

    Effective in-line processing of regulated waste removes the need for large storage reservoirs,

    Regulated wastes are decontaminated on site,

    Footprint is minimised,

    There are no residual waste issues.

- Balance Sheet Liabilities are reduced,

    Storage pond represent a growing liability.  This liability is removed.

- Profits are increased,

    Regulated waste management costs are reduced considerable, thereby enhancing international competiveness for products,

    Operational costs of exiting system are minimised or removed,

    Significant carbon credits are generated

    Current energy costs associated with regulated waste are minimised or replaced by net energy generation,

    Recovered resources are saleable,

    Huge energy requirements for water vaporisation are minimised.

- Net Present Value

    Subject to recovered resource value, investment returns exceed the WACC threshold.