XFZ AFM® Filtration ˂0.45μm
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The XFZ AFM® is a fine, solids filtration system using media certified to NSF61 International Certification for drinking water by WQA. The XFZ AFM® has been approved for production of drinking water by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) for the application in England and Wales.

The XFZ AFM® filters suspended solids to below 0.45 µm with > 90% efficiency and 4 to 6 times the operational flow rate of an equivalent sized sand filter. It can down to 0.1µm with small volumes of flocculants added with the optional ZPM cavitation mixer.

The XFZ AFM® is an excellent filter for use prior to a reverse osmosis systems delivering an SDI of < 1 for bore hole water treatment.

Very low backwash volumes operating for 2-4 minutes at a flow of 2 m3/h minimizes losses and provides a sustainable, small footprint.

This modular system can be used for flows from 2 m3/h. upwards to in excess of 1,000m3/h. and is available in Carbon Steel with DWI epoxy coated, SS 304 or SS 316

Reference Pictures

1.     Bore hole water oxygenated and filtered using a XFZ AFM® resulting in an SDI of below 1 suitable for RO treatmen


2.     XFZ AFM® at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

3.     Filtered Lake water at Yixing China

4.     Manifold System Design

5.     XFZ AFM® installed in a WWTP at Wuhan China

The XFZ AFM® media filter is patented technology which can be applied to many industrial and commercial applications which enable the user to achieve significant energy reductions and enhanced operational performance of processes using water.

Manufactured locally under ISO 9001 Standards, the high efficiency media filter enables the filtration of water down to below 0.45 micron, continually, rather than the accepted 10 to 20 micron normally associated with media filtration systems.

The XFZ AFM® has application for the polishing of most raw or process water inputs. Such water is then suitable for removal of residual dissolved solids, if necessary, using solar distillation or reverse osmosis. Further filtration may be archived using the VSEP vibrating membrane technology to treat the RO reject water for enhanced water recovery.

The Managing Director of IPS said:

 “This (DWI Certification) is hugely significant for the XFZ AFM® as it effectively endorses the quality of water filtration that the XF AFM® can reliably achieve. For organisations whose business it is to treat and supply public drinking water it will provide a means to reduce costs whilst increasing productivity.”

Media used in the XFZ is Activated Filter Media (AFM®) which is a unique media that has been used extensively for the last 15 years in aquaculture, process water, municipal water, drinking water, waste water and swimming pool treatment around the world. AFM® performance is further enhanced by the unique design and capabilities of the XFZ filtration units. We also supply AFM® separately for direct replacement of sand in sand filters and application in sand filters in new installations.

Independent assessment by IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Separatives www.ifts-sls.com ) of the AFM® as used in the XFZ AFM® filter are provided below. Grade 0 AFM® filter down to 1 µm with > 97% removal efficiency and provides an outstanding pre-filtration to the XFZ AFM®. Several of the top rated media filtration products in the EU were used in the independent testing showing performance results below. Grade 1 XFZ AFM® filter down to 5 µm with greater than 97% efficiency. A copy of the report is available upon request.


    Municipal Water Supply


    Municipal waste water

    Industrial waste water

    Process water

    Aquaculture – crustaceans, fish etc.

    Swimming pools

    Marine parks

    Hospital bio-fouling reduction

    Environmental Protection

    Reverse Osmosis Protection

    Borehole FeO2 MgO2 CaO2 removal

    Canal Water Filtration

    River Water and Rivers

    Sea Water pre RO,

    Cooling Towers

    Heating/Cooling Systems

    Cooling Tower Enhancement

    Leachate Treatment

    Coal Seam Gas Water