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Activated Filter Media (AFM®)

AFM® is an amorphous alumina-silicate manufactured by up-cycling post-consumer green glass bottles. AFM® is manufactured and offered as a direct replacement for filter sand and used in most types and designs of sand filter. The one exception is slow bed sand filters operating as biological filters at filtration velocities of less than 0.2m/h. AFM® rejects the growth of biofilm and as such it is not suitable for use in slow bed sand filters.

Product key points

- Verified to provide a much better performance in comparison with high quality silica sand

- Verified to achieve 99% filtration down to 3 microns with no coagulation or flocculation using grade 0, 1000mm bed depth 20m/h velocity

- Verified to achieve 97% filtration down to 5 microns, with no coagulation and flocculation using grade 1, 1000mm bed depth 20m/h velocity

- Return of investment measured at under 2 years by UK Carbon Trust and Oakdene Hollins

- High surface negative charge density, works well with coagulants and flocculants to remove dissolved components and provide nominal filtration down to sub-micron level in certain applications

- Bio-resistant, will not become a bio filter, AFM® is not subject to transient wormhole channeling, and unfiltered water will never pass the filter bed

- Stable and predictable performance in freshwater and marine systems, perfect for SWRO

- Product water will have at least 50% lower chlorine oxidation demand than an equivalent sand filter, so lower concentration of disinfection by products

- SDI will be lower with AFM® in comparison to sand filtration

- Future proofing against tighter legislation and regulation

- AFM® is expected to last for the life of the filtration systems

- AFM® is an engineered product manufactured to a precise specification under ISO9001-2008 conditions

- Certified under Reg31, NSF50 & NSF61, Environmental standards, Singapore Green Tick, HCAAP approval imminent


- Drinking water from all sources: surface water and ground water

- Pre-treatment prior to membranes: freshwater and marine

- Swimming pools: private & public

- Aquaculture and public aquaria, marine and freshwater

- Industrial process high purity water

- Water supply for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage companies

- Tertiary treatment of wastewater

- Process wastewater