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Zeta Potential Mixer (ZPM)

ZPM‘s are static mixers for the injection of products such as APF, ACO or NoPhos and for the cavitation of water. They are manufactured in stainless steel for freshwater and in titanium or plastic for marine applications.
The ZPM is flanged into the pipework, the water is made to cavitate and spin at high speed which helps to kill parasites. The ZPM also helps to drop the zeta potential of the water, this causes flocculation of solids and increases the redox oxidation potential at the same time; the water is becoming self sterilizing.

Product Key Points

- Best water quality – the ZPM before the filter amplifies coagulation and flocculation reactions of APF and NoPhos to improve the filtration performance of AFM® and reduce chlorine consumption.

- Safety barrier against pathogens – the ZPM after the filter mechanically smashes cryptosporidium oocysts, bacteria floc and even single bacteria. The water is mechanically disinfected and the performance of chlorine is amplified.

- Small investment – big performance – for a lifetime – the ZPM has an unlimited life. It needs no power and has no operating and maintenance costs.

The water molecules are pulled apart by the cavitation reactions which creates nano-bubbles. These help disinfecting the water. The greater the pressure differential across a ZPM, the stronger the cavitation reactions. No energy is lost through this reaction as it is returned to the water in the form of heat.