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XFZ AFM® Filter

The XFZ AFM® is a fine, solids filtration system using AFM® media. It filters suspended solids to below 0.45 μm with > 90% efficiency and 4 to 6 times the operational flow rate of an equivalent sized sand filter. It can down to 0.1μm with small volumes of flocculants added with the optional ZPM cavitation mixer.
Very low backwash volumes operating for 2-4 minutes at a flow of 2 m3/h minimizes losses and provides a sustainable, small footprint. This modular system can be used for flows from 2 m3/h. upwards to in excess of 1,000m3/h.

Product Key Points

- significant reductions in TSS; TDS; turbidity; TVOC’s; BOD; COD; and SDI thus enabling compliant process flows,

- replaces 4 – 5 sand filters of equivalent size e.g. XFZ 1200 operating flow rate 55 m3/h.vs Sand filter 1200 operating flow rate 11 m3/h,

- uses less energy than a single equivalent sized sand filter sand filter,

- filter to < 0.45 μm consistently,

- general filtration efficiencies of > 90% across the micron range,

- removal rates in excess of 98% insolubles based on mass,

- suspended solids loading of 200 ppm are not unusual for the system to process,

- no bio-fouling and consequently minimal bio-fouling of pipe networks,

- media does not require replacement,

- internal velocity optimized to best filtration rate to maximize media coagulation and filtration capacity,

- actual filtering media surface area up to 300 times that of a normal media bed filter,

- unique vortex stabilization system,

- modular format so can treatment of any flow volumes in manifold systems,

- fully automatic operation and integrated as required,

- patented system combined with AFM® media gives exceptional performance,

- can be used as “once through" filtration or on a recirculation side stream where efficiencies can rise to > 99%.,

- low backwash volume at flow rates are 1-2 m3/hr. and typical backwash takes only 2-3 minutes,

- no compressed air scouring required,

- low operational pressure range typically 1 - 7 barg inlet,

- models sized and optimized for application,

- manufactured as standard in 304 SS options for SS316, carbon steel with rubber lining or special sea water resistant coatings,

- fully automatic using electro pneumatic or electrically operated control valves



- Municipal Water Supply

- Aquaculture

- Municipal waste water

- Industrial waste water

- Process water

- Swimming pools

- Marine parks

- Hospital bio-fouling reduction

- Environmental Protection

- Reverse Osmosis Protection

- Borehole FeO2 MgO2 CaO2 removal

- Canal Water Filtration

- River Water and Rivers

- Sea Water pre RO,

- Cooling Towers

- Heating/Cooling Systems

- Cooling Tower Enhance-ment

- Leachate Treatment

- Coal Seam Gas Water