Micro-bubble RMA QA Aerator
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Micro-bubble RMA QA Systems

Measurably Better Water Aeration. Suits water body requiring rapid and permanent malodor, BOD and COD reductions e.g. primary sewerage, dairy, piggery, abattoir ponds, mining and coal seam gas dams, industrial reservoir, etc.

The A-JET Micro-bubble generator produces fine and ultra-fine (nano) air bubbles in addition to highly efficient dissolved oxygen (DO) transfer to water. Nano air bub-bles dissolve over time releasing a store of oxygen. In addition it achieves completely water body mixing and de-stratification.

Product Key Points

- Ultra low energy usage (40% greater efficiency than traditional surface aerators)

- Generates a range of normal, fine (micro bubbles) and ulta-fine (nano bubbles) air bubbles while transfer high volumes of oxygen directly and in stored form. Dif-ferent bubbles perform different functions.

- Strong circulation distributes DO throughout the water body both vertically and horizontally. Brownian motion delivers fine and ultra-fine bubbles thought out the water body.

- High mobility ensures optimal surface interface between contaminants and oxidants. In aquaculture aquatic life respiration is enhanced resulting in better growth rates.


- Any water treatment from municipal drinking water to heavily polluted water

- Wastewater Treatment Plant

- River Remediation

- De-stratification in Reservoirs

- Municipal Leachate Waste

- Food Process Industry Wastewater