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Repãrator (ACN: 160 768 221) specialises in waste water treatment and transformation in the Resources and Mining Industry including market segments; coal seam gas (CSG), Coal and Oil and Gas markets.

First target market is Coal Seam Gas in Australia & Canada preliminary discussions held with: Arrow Energy, QCG, Origin Energy, Saxon, Santos and Shell Drilling (Mud Recovery).

The advantage of Repãrator ’s Process and Technology is that it treats regulated waste end to end through low-cost capital and low operating cost, where re-generation of waste would potentially equate to revenue streams such as clean water for industry i.e. Agriculture and green energy back to the mining operation.

The processes are a combination of commercially proven technology that is scalable, comparatively low capital cost for an end to end solution with an advantage of transforming regulated waste into multiple revenue streams.

Repârator’s is licensed to use new and innovative patented technologies and processes for a minimum term of 99 years exclusively.

Coal Seam Gas Exploration & Production, Coal Mining and Extractive Industry involve using, moving, storing and disposing of huge amounts of water.

Often this water is contaminated with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, clays & silts chlorides & salts and other toxic materials.


Intense aeration and comprehensive mixing, (for incorporating an inoculant), consumes up to 60% less energy than current systems.  The resultant intense, aerobic digestion and homogenisation digests biological and organic materials, oxidises and coagulates heavy metals and other contaminants including some chlorides for removal.  N and P levels are reduced significantly and captured in the sludge.

Micro filtration of water to remove solids and coagulants larger than 0.45 micron (human hair is approximately 100 micron in diameter) with a 99% efficiency at flow rates of 4-6 times that of existing sand filters produces clear water and a separated sludge.  Pathogens are destroyed and resources may be recovered from the sludge if present in commercial volumes. Solid hydrocarbons such as coal fines are also captured in the sludge. Salts/chlorides are also reduced further often generating water suitable for agricultural use or further processing. Backwash is minimal in volume and time .

Clean water with higher levels of chlorides may be treated using solar distillation to, recover the salts for sale and generation of distilled water.  Alternatively clean water (post CrossFlow filtration) may be fed through a smaller RO plant saving up to 35% of operating costs due to higher efficiencies associated with reduced particle size minimising membrane blockage.  Water may be potentially released for river, agricultural and municipal use or vaporised into the atmosphere using a new, patented equipment which alleviates the needs for high pressure pumps and vaporisation nozzles.

Energy recovery is achieved where there are more than 1% hydrocarbons present in the contaminated waste sludge. A process of secondary combustion utilises the waste to generate significant energy and heat which is harvested in boilers or used directly by GE generators.  Additional surplus heat may be used for industry or drying materials.


- Complete turn-key solution

- Technology, processes, project management & advisory services

- Analysis, design, installation & maintenance

- Hydrocarbons | coal seam gas | oils & shale oil | coal

- Waste transformation & water purification

- Technology, products & advisory services

- Post-waste transformation benefits

- Clean water for agriculture or industry use

- Green energy - electricity & heat

- Carbon credits potential

- Potential recovery of valuable minerals