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Repârator wishes to

- engage with mining and resource companies to support them with their sustainability goals, enhance international competitiveness and address

• environmental,

• economic, and

• social goals 

- through the provision of

• innovative,

• patented,

• end to end regulated waste and waste water treatment processes utilising

• new, commercially proven, technology and process flows,

• natural science, and

• expertise in revised inline processing of these wastes eliminating the necessity for long term storage dams, high pressure vaporisation or flood release.

- implementation of the tailored systems.


Providing integrated performance driven recovery solutions to decontaminate polluted water and waste, using unique combinations of natural science & patented advanced technologies, transforming waste into community benefit, establishing new global performance benchmarks influencing industry standards ensuring that industry co-exists with its environment and community.

Individually proven technology & natural science that has seen the purification and treatment of regulated waste & water minimising or eliminating contamination.

Process technologies from Bio Organics Group & Future Energy have come together to provide the holistic end to end solution that is ideal for treatment of waste streams such as Coal Seam Gas Industry Waste and Water contamination issues.

Head Office Location in Brisbane with access to Canada, Africa and China.

Currently in discussions with major industry participants in the coal seam gas industry from drilling water treatment to production water processing, coal industry from exploratory wells to pit dewatering and coal washing, and also oil sands recovery and hydraulic fracturing  in Canada.

Team consists of endorsed & recognised project management team, construction team, technical expertise, business services & globally experienced senior management team & advisors.