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- Exploratory Drilling – Development Wells

   Rapid, inline recovery of clean water, removal of fine particles and coal, recovery of drill mud.

   Minimises water requirements, centrally treated waste and decontamination and mud recovery

- Exploratory Drilling Waste Water

  Regulated waste water stored in containment dams after expensive RO processing represents a growing liability. The water body can be remediated effectively and contamination removed in order to leave clean water for release and a clean footprint over a period of 2-6 months dependant upon water volumes.

- Production Well Water CSG

  Regulated waste water can be treated as it is extracted in some instances and water cleaned to a level suitable for release while solids are transported to a central point for recovery, decontamination and creation of energy if required for town supplies of electricity. 

  Where water is transported to a central location it can be processed in a continual flow process and water in containment dams can be recovered, decontaminated and made available for release.  Energy produced can be utilised for site, local industry and network connection.

- Oil Sands

  Removal of oils and contaminants for energy production on a large scale and site restoration with clean residual water and sands.

- Coal Exploration

  Cleaning of exploratory water as it flows from the drilling wells and the separation of the contaminants and hydrocarbons from the water to allow clean water release subject to how chlorides are to be managed.